Angel Conde Manjon

Ph.D., PSA at AWS & Flow Master

About Me

I am a technology enthusiast that loves to learn and work with the latest technologies. I am currently working as PSA at Amazon Web Services specialized in Data Analytics.

Technologies that I use everyday:


Moreover, I like to give talks at conferences (e.g. Big Data Spain) or meetups (e.g. DataBeers Eus) when I have time ☺. The slides of my public talks can be seen at SlideShare


My research interests include: IA, IoT, Big Data, Cloud and any kind of Distributed System.

See my Google Academic profile.

P.h.D. Theses

  • Mikel Cañizo: Large-Scale Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis on Industrial Heterogeneous Multi-Sensor Systems Using Deep Learning. Thesis co-supervised with the collaboration of Enrique Onieva from the University of Deusto. 2020
  • Ane Blazquez: ongoing….

M.s.C Theses

  • Samuel Camba: Auto ML applied to Industrial scenarios ( University of Oviedo), 2020.
  • Asier Gomez: Applied DevOps to monitor a Big Data platform (International University of La Rioja), 2018.
  • Julen Balzategui: Advanced Image Data Analytics (Mondragon University), 2018.
  • Guillermo Lapuente: Enabling Real-time Data Analytics for IIoT in Multi-Cloud Environments (University of Basque Country), 2017.


Amazon Web Services

Senior Partner Solutions Architect – Data & Analytics

August 2021 - present

Specialized Partner Solutions Architect in Data & Analytics.


Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Team Leader

May 2019 - July 2021

Leader of the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence team.


DevOps - Data Engineer - Sr. Data Engineer

September 2015 - May 2019

In Ikerlan I work as part of the Big Data Architectures team. I have been architecting and developing Big Data platforms both on-premises and on-cloud environments using technologies such as Kafka and Spark on both on-premises and on-cloud environments. Moreover, I have been helping on the deployment of a Continous Integration culture within the team using tools such as Jenkins and Sonarqube.



January 2018 - March 2018

Lecturer of Kafka and Spark modules for the Big Data Analytics Master.


Acess Coordinator

January 2007 - December 2017

Access Coordinator in diverse events such as professional basketball matches, concerts, etc. Leader and coordinator of more than 50 people during those years.

University of Basque Country

FPI predoctoral Researcher

September 2010 - September 2014

FPI predoctoral grant (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities) for pursing the Ph.D. title in Computer Science.

The full list can be seen at LinkedIn


University of Basque Country

Ph.D in Computer Science

2010 - 2016

Cum Laude, International mention with two research visits to the Cognitive Computation Group of the University of Illinois. Dissertation

University of Basque Country

Master Degree in Advanced Computer Systems

2010 - 2012

Master to gain access to the Ph.D. program. Dissertation

University of Basque Country

Degree in Computer Science

2005 - 2010

5 year University Degree. Info on Spanish “old” Degree system (3/5 years) can be found on Wikipedia

A Little More About Me

When I’m not sat at my desk I am very active and spend most of my time outdoors. I do a lot of sports, such as mountain biking, surfing, hiking, running or snowboarding.

Apart from doing sports, I like to watch TV series 🍿 and landscape photography.